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The 12th FILA Polo Cup, a mainstay of the Manila Polo Club, was held Sunday March 18, featuring three matches by the country’s finest players. ISportlife, exclusive distributor of FILA in the Philippines, also exhibited FILA’s exclusive collaboration collections of high-end youth brands.

“We had been sponsoring the Cup for years before I played. We’ve always found it to be a great event to help promote the FILA brand, and the advocacy it supports,” says Butch.

The dynamic couple already have plans on how to pursue the growth of FILA’s well-known footwear and active lifestyle apparel in the next five years.

“We are preparing for a new partnership with a multinational company with an enigmatic line,” says Cris. “A new corporate model will be the backbone of our distribution and marketing and the most luxurious of collaborations aims to embody the depth of FILA’s brand equity,” she adds.

And guests of the 12th FILA Polo Cup got a sample of what Cris Albert’s vision for FILA is through an exclusive preview of the FILA Summer Collection, which included the brand’s exciting and landmark move: Its first foray into the Generation Z market, with its FILA X D-ANTIDOTE collaboration. D-ANTIDOTE is South Korea’s most-talked about hiphop brand among this generation of teenagers. Classic FILA colors and lines merge with D-ANTIDOTE’s street-smart, hiphop style celebrating the link between the cool cities of Seoul and London. Style and streetwear glam are also showcased in FILA’s collaboration with the sophisticated Manhattan-based clothing brand STAPLE. Items presented at the 12th FILA Polo Cup were available for sale exclusively only at the event.


For the 21st FILA Polo Cup, FILA is throwing its support behind Operation Compassion Philippines—iFoster Movers, of which Butch Albert is president. With nearly two million abandoned or neglected children, the Alberts have championed adoption and fostering as a more viable alternative to nurturing disadvantaged children. “Instead of placing the child under institutional care, fostering has been found to provide a better quality of nurturing, as the child enjoys a sense of family,” says Butch.

Global sportswear brand FILA was launched in 1994 in the Philippines. Behind the country operations are Butch and Maricris Albert. Butch, as chairman of FILA ISport Life, Inc., and Cris, the company’s president and chief executive officer, pursue the growth of FILA in the Philippine market retaining focus the brand’s contemporary and classic style in activewear, while adapting to evolving trends that complement its ethos of aspirational affordability. FILA was founded by the Fila brothers in the northern Italian city of Biella in 1911. Since 2007, it is now operated by FILA in Seoul and New York City.

To find out more about and to support Operation Compassion Philippines (OCP)—iFoster Movers, visit The OCP is licensed by the Department of Social Welfare and Development Services as a social welfare and development agency implementing Foster Care and Community-Based Programs.